About The Procurator

Welcome to the Procurator

The Procurator is created by Darktier Studios. It is a web-based character sheet builder and character manager, but, you aren't limited to creating character sheets only. You can make sheets to track vehicles, weapons, sports brackets, cards or anything you can think of; which is why we opted to call them Game Sheets instead of Character Sheets.

If you aren't interested in making sheets you can use some of the sheets that already exist. We have character sheets for some of the biggest Roleplaying Games including 5E D&D, Pathfinder, Fate Core and Fate Accelerated
If you don't find a sheet you want you can either make one or request one to be created by using the UserVoice link (floating on the right side of your browser.)

Getting Started

In order to get started you need to register for a free account. Once your registered there are several things you can do:

  1. Search through the existing Game Sheets that other users have shared and copy them to your collection.
  2. Make a Game Sheet from scratch.
  3. Create a new character using one of the game sheets from your collection.
Your Game Sheets and Characters will always be free. In the future we may add premium features, but our goal is to have a place where you can always access your sheets and characters for free.

Public Game Sheets & Characters

Any game sheet or character that you create is private by default. This means that your sheet/character will not show up in the search, but you can still give the direct URL to friends and they can access it that way. If you want to share your game sheet or character with the community, you can uncheck the Is Private check box on your Game Sheet Settings tab or Character sheet and this will allow users to find your game sheet or character in the search. We'd appreciate it if you only share those sheets and characters that are originals or derivitives that have significant changes.


By default, the search functionality will search for game sheets. If you want to search for characters prepend your search with character: and then your search criteria and The Procurator will look for characters that match your search criteria. The search will attempt to find sheets/characters by name and by tag so make sure you put lots of tags on your stuff to make it easy to find!

Tags & Filtering

You are free to add tags to any game sheet or character. We suggest adding several tags to your creations to make it easier to find when people are searching for specific things. Game system, class, level, genre, these are all things you might consider tagging. On any of the pages that have a list of sheets/characters you'll find a  icon. You can use this list to further filter the content that you are viewing by opening the tags list and checking the box next to the tags you'd like to see. The Private/Public tags are automatically added and can be used to fitler your personal content by items that you have made public or have kept private.

Contact Us

We have a lot of ideas about how to improve The Procurator, but we'd like to hear your feedback and suggestions. If you need support or have other issues you can always contact us by clicking on Feedback & Support link (floating on the right side of your browser)

You can find more advanced help topics and a FAQ in our knowledge base.